Officially unlock iPhone XR in the Gulf markets today

iphone xr

Apply today and officially my new Apple phone iPhone XR, and for those who don’t know, it’s a copy of the Economic more of a series of iPhone new under the name of X. This phone offers a set of the most important features that we saw in the iPhone XS, such as the processor A12 Bionic and the Face ID and the headphones are stereo and others. In return offers some different specs like LCD screen compared بـOLED and also a better battery than its predecessor, while the camera uses a single background rather than 2.

Incredible iPhone XR with a capacity of start of 64GB is priced at 3,299 Sr, and comes top of the class when 265GB and that comes at the price of 3949 SAR.

You can below watch the estate film calls for your new phone and we talk about its most important features and specification:

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