Officially unveiled about the phone Vivo APEX 2019 without buttons, and with the sensor footprint on the length of the screen


As already scheduled, the company Vivo today to remove the curtain officially about the phone model Vivo the APEX 2019 with some of the techniques new and interesting. According to Vivo, this phone features processor Snapdragon 855, the internal memory size of 256GB or 512GB, as well as 12GB of RAM. Moreover, it supports generation networks 5G.

Similar to the Meizu phone Zero declared by the company Meizu yesterday, there Vivo APEX 2019 New doesn’t have any buttons, but it still has a separate one. While the Meizu phone Zero entirely on wireless charging technology, the phone Vivo APEX 2019 new comes with a magnetic connector supports MagPort in the lower part of the backend. Apart from that, there are Vivo APEX 2019 New also comes with AMOLED screen size of 6.39 inches also works like a microscope for sound thanks to use of adapter care works on the transfer of images across the screen.

The other thing interesting in Meizu phone Zero is the sensor of the fingerprint, which works on the length of the screen, you can touch almost anywhere on the screen to unlock the phone via fingerprint, this would make the fingerprint recognition technology that is most advanced in the market currently.

Similar to the Meizu phone Zero, there Vivo APEX 2019 new uses a combination of sensing touch and pressure to compensate for the absence of the button operating and control buttons as on the sides. This way you will get the functions of these buttons with Keep design goods free of buttons. When it comes to the camera double the existing in the cell, it incorporates a sensor the to accurately 12 megapixels the first one and accurately 13 megapixels, the sensor of the second. Unfortunately, you didn’t say company Vivo anything about the front camera, so we don’t know whether it emanates from the framework or if this phone lacks entirely this camera.

We don’t know whether the phone is Vivo APEX 2019 supports wireless charging technology and if the water-resistant style phone Meizu Zero.

Because this phone is still just a concept ” Concept“, do not expect that the company Vivo launched in the market with these technical specifications exactly. Going back to last year, the company Vivo detects the phone Vivo APEX after a few months of launching in the market under the name Vivo NEX with a set of features that have been announced. Generally, the company will Vivo show phone Vivo APEX 2019 at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 to be held in Barcelona, Spain late next month, so don’t forget to come back to us then for full details.

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