Officially unveiled by Motorola, One Vision with a screen of 21:9 camera 48 megapixel!

Revealed the company Motorola officially announced its latest handsets category available Motorola One Vision, as part of the program Android One, which gives the phone a special feature, with the screen dimensions characteristic of the 21:9 design camera hole and sliced the Exynos from Samsung.

Motorola One Vision

Motorola One Vision

The beginning of the Valley, featuring Motorola and vision of the LCD screen measuring 6.3-inch Super length by the length to width of 21:9, covering most of the front end of the phone with the design of the camera hole in the upper left corner that includes the front camera 25 megapixel.

The rear of the phone, thereby preparing a dual-camera sensor the main digest with a lens aperture of f/1.7 and the optical stabilization OIS to the side of the sensor depth megapixels with a lens aperture of f/2.2.

شاشة موتورولا وان فيجن

Screen Motorola and vision

Using the camera basic filter Quad-Bayer fashionable to take shots 12-megapixel, and offers software camera Motorola features AI additional such as improving title and the night vision, it also has the back logo Moto Classic ring with fingerprint reader built-in.

The most interesting aspect in the One Vision is the chipset Exynos 9609, and is only the second time that we saw slices of Samsung over other brands after that its use Meizu a few years ago.

Need Motorola and vision on the internal storage space of 128 GB with Random Access Memory 4 GB RAM, the phone features two holes only one SIM card and can be used for the SIM card again or external memory card microSD.

موتورولا وان فيجن

Motorola and vision

The phone runs Android Pie is part of the program Android One, and decide moderns key to the operating system and three years of support for the security update.

Finally, comes the Motorola and vision with a battery of 3500 mAh with fast charging strongly 15 and through the charger TurboPower annex.

Phone Motorola One Vision available in graduated colors of sapphire blue and bronze starting price of 335 dollars.

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