Officially unveiled for Huawei Mate 30 Pro – full specifications and details!

Finally after a large group of leaks and guesses revealed Huawei has now officially unveiled the flagship representative of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro with a bunch of nurses that qualify directly to compete with the iPhone 11 Pro and Galaxy Note 10.

الكشف رسمياً عن Huawei Mate 30 Pro - المواصفات الكاملة والتفاصيلOfficially unveiled for Huawei Mate 30 Pro – full specifications and details

Camera Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Offers for Huawei Mate 30 Pro one of more cameras 2019 impressive, offering the phone to the side of the camera Super Sensing accurately a 40-megapixel camera located on the P30 Pro, camera wide angle accurately 40 megapixel is the other and the company name Cine, and each of two cameras using a sensor of the 3D ToF recording video clips with the complete isolation of the background.

It all comes down cameras the size is relatively large, containing main camera sensor 1/1.7 aperture f/1.6, while containing camera Cine sensor 1/1.54 inch wide lens with aperture of f/1.8.

The second camera on the back of the phone are 8 MP camera with optical zoom 3x (focal length 80 mm) zoom hybrid optical-5x, with the feature of optical stabilization OIS.

Technology video recording on dead 30 Pro is the most memorable on the Huawei phones, where the device supports video shooting 4K 60fps support for filming the slow rate of 7680 FreeBSD one second, and it is the most characteristic is the possibility of filming 4K HDR+.

The advantage of 3D face recognition and verification in the remote phone

Speaking of the camera module front-end for your Huawei Mate 30 Pro, we’re in front of the unit to a high precision with a group of nurses gathered the most prominent features camera flagship phones in one device.

The front camera comes strictly 32-megapixel camera, supports Video Recording FHD+ (2288 x 1080 pixels) with support for a range of shooting modes possible.

There is a scanning device three-dimensional new of Huawei, which provides the technique of opening lock by face, which has been improved more from last year to vigorously implement the technology Face ID from Apple.

Also, I didn’t take Huawei’s fingerprint sensor built-in the bottom of the screen, but developed and improved to become faster than any other phone.

It was a surprise presence sensor Gesture dedicated to gestures from a distance, in a painful blow for Motion Sense that Google is preparing to launch in the Pixel 4 next month.

Included presentation for your dead 30 the Pro review of this water, were the hands you can change the music or audio switching, as well as when you consider the phone screen will pop up automatically when you turn your face or Close your eyes, you will be extinguished!

Screen Horizon Display

Features dead 30 Pro the concept of a new screen of the Huawei bearing the name Horizon Display size 6.5 inches, with the edges of the steep at the sides at an angle of 88 degrees, without leaving the company China leading place for the control buttons in the traditional images, and instead adopted a digital technique for audio can be activated by double-clicking on either side of the screen.

It supports the OLED panel new refresh rate standard of 60 Hz and images across the screen that adorn essentially the need to hear the traditional calls, but the downside to this feature is the lack of stereo sound speaker.

Also decreased the screen resolution of 3120 × 1440 pixels to 2400 x 1176 pixels, but this change may lead to improved battery life.


Enjoy Mate 30 Pro with a large battery capacity of 4500 Milli-amp, supports the shipping was superfast strongly 40 watts, coupled with fast wireless charging too strongly 27 watts. Like Mate 20 Pro and P30 Pro, supports the Mate 30 Pro also wireless charging reverse the the the be faster three times than before.

Processor Kirin 990 5G without Google services

Works dead 30 Pro by slices Kirin 990 5G which were announced recently, and the eight different ranges of connection 5G, while the Galaxy Note 10 plus like supports three bands only.

The slide RAM 8 GB RAM and internal storage of 256 GB, expandable via a nano-SD .

It will provide the Huawei version of 4G LTE for those who can’t take advantage of the service networks of the fifth generation after.

Comes Huawei Mate 30 Pro with Android 10 pre-installed on the side of the interface EMUI 10 new, but the phone does not enjoy access to Google Play Services or any Google apps according to previous news, which is not talking about Huawei and did not know the solutions yet.

The price and availability of Huawei dead 30 pro

Finally, there will be a major new Huawei for purchase in multiple colors including green, silver, purple and black, there are two different versions of a vegetable skin on the back instead of glass in green and orange.

Did the company determine the date of issuance and the availability of dead 30 pro yet, except that the issuance of 4G has been announced at a price of 1099 € “ $ 1200 almost”, while the version of the 5G was announced at a price of 1199 € “1326 dollars almost”.

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