Officially, we detected the first phone equipped with a fingerprint under the screen

Pushed the screen without the edges of companies to change the place of the fingerprint sensor and not put in the face of the phone to take advantage of the whole space of the company. With a fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone appeared the problem of difficult access for phones large, which slows down the process of opening the lock in every time and makes them impractical.

And Apple TV this problem is the apartments that she put to contain sensor front camera perform the task of process technology Face ID that enrich her about the accident sensor footprint of the foundation. The other is to see their solutions that will be in the new phones that will be released throughout this year.

It was one of the solutions is to put a fingerprint sensor under the screen, which maybe is the best solution where it is desirable for most users unlock their phones using a fingerprint which is way more security to open the lock from facial recognition, which might be inaccurate sometimes.

In some of the reports that have appeared recently we learned that Samsung might be working on a fingerprint sensor under the screen, which was already her company Vivo as revealed in CES 2018 this month without announcing the name of the phone which will contain technical.

And now, after the company unveiled the phone officially got our first phone in the world sensor fingerprint under the screen Vivo X20 Plus UD, which represents another model of the phone company, the existing X20 Plus. Unfortunately the new phone is only available in China without determining whether to continue this or not, and without talking about the price also.

The phone comes with a screen OLED with a diameter of 6.34 inch accuracy 2160 * 1140, the cameras accurately 12 megapixel in the rear, and processor Snapdragon 635 SoC, battery with a capacity of 3905 mAh. According to rumors the price of the phone would be the equivalent of 625 dollars.

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