Ohio gives bitcoin official character and using it to pay taxes

أوهايو تمنح عملة البتكوين الطابع الرسمي وتسمح باستخدامها لدفع الضرائب

Announced the U.S. State of Ohio on the new decision allows for business owners to pay day about the way digital currencies are encrypted specifically bitcoin months, to become this or place the salad similar to gives the digital currency the official stamp in the transactions.

According to the State Department, any company can register on its official website dedicated to this subject to start using bitcoin in payment of taxes, this includes all projects and institutions alike.

Maybe it started back months, but it will most likely go for a digital encrypted again during the coming period, especially currency that does not influence as large as the interior.

It is worth saying that bitcoin has seen a significant decline recently delivered for less than 4,000$, but with such decisions from a place of authority such as Ohio, they will start up again.

The state is currently developing a platform BitPay to assist in the payment of taxes by using digital currencies and easy, and the platform converts the digital currency into dollars.

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