Old song: Craig Wright called Bitcoin “a hotbed of censorship”

Bitcoin was created to fight the censorship authorities and centralization of the world financial system. However, Craig Wright blames BTC and his supporters in the concealment of the facts. We will remind, recently the staff of major exchanges announced the delisting fork Bitcoin Cash from Wright. The reason is not the best behavior of the entrepreneur.

Australian businessman constantly repeats what he supposedly is the same Satoshi Nakamoto. Turns out it was he who in theory have created the project, which is so much time to annoy BSV. By the way, CEO Binance, Chanpen Zhao has published the method by which the real Creator of Bitcoin almost instantly to prove their identity.

Bitcoin Scam?

Even before the announcement about the BSV delisting from the stock exchanges Wright published a post “BTC and censorship” in his blog. In it he called cryptocurrency “Scam” and said that she misleads all investors.

Around Bitcoin has a very toxic atmosphere. However, it is toxic only for Craig Wright. Previously, many famous representatives of cryptocommunist he fought at the head nChain for unfair court action in the direction of the user under the name Hodlonaut.

A few years after the creation of Bitcoin — again, Craig Wright still claims that he created bitcoin — the developers completely changed the meaning of the project.

Source: Bitcoinist

Bitcoin can be a tool to fight censorship only provided that the Protocol remains unchanged.

In the end Wright said about complete uselessness of cryptocurrencies. She supposedly ceased to be such and now is a “hotbed of censorship”. Looks like Craig has not learned from recent events.

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