OLED displays manufactured by LG phones iPhone new may be used only for the purposes of the reform

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In an attempt to reduce its dependence on Samsung, it is reported that Apple invested in the LG to assist them in getting OLED screens. In fact, one of the rumors that we’ve had in the past about the iPhone coming this year say that LG may be supplied to Apple screen OLED to at least one of the two phones are expected them with OLED screens this year. However, it turns out now that that may not necessarily be the case.

Released today the report of the new position of The Bell says that the company LG is not quite ready to produce enough OLED screens for iPhone coming this year. It is reported that the company is still in the stage of test mass production for OLED, while Samsung has already begun deliveries of the first of the OLED displays for Apple in the month of June.

This means that the company is LG it’s late, so you could end up according to charge from 2 to 4 million units of OLED screens to Apple notes that Samsung will ship around 75 million units of the American company. In fact, if things didn’t go so well and if I don’t use my OLED screens produced by LG company standards Apple TV, you can buy the LG in the end to provide Apple with OLED only for the purposes of repair or replacement in a while I will use OLED displays manufactured by Samsung in the units of iPhone for sale.

In either case, we’ll wait to see how it goes, but until then please deal with the content of this report with the least amount of protection.


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