Oman Association for education take on the platform are aware.Com

Platform realize.Pile became part of the Oman Association for the education after the acquisition did not announce its value.

الجمعية العُمانية لتقنيات التعليم تستحوذ على منصة ندرس.كوم

Announced the Omani society of educational technology (OSET) announced the acquisition officially on the platform are aware.Stack ( without disclosing the financial value.

This has included the signing ceremony for the acquisition of all of Ahmad Sheikh of administration, founding partner of let’s go.Com, Ahmed, company, co-founder and CEO (Former) let’s go.Com, in addition to Faisal Al Balushi, chairman of Oman Association for education, and Al-Mamari, director of media for the Omani education technologies.

And we realize.Com one of the leading platforms in the field of online courses in Arabic which serve hundreds of thousands of students who are learning the Arabic language, the platform has worked to realize.Com, which was founded in Dubai (Fujairah Creative) 2014, to raise the level of Arab e-education for communities, through skills ready to travel to help bridge the gap between formal education and the skills required in the market.

As the organization provides its services for about 200 thousand educated Arabic speakers and more than 150 schools in areas of multiple programmes include Office, Adobe programs, and even develop Android apps programming, has experienced significant growth through the provision of many education courses built on the platform.

In this regard, said Mr. Ahmed, company, co-founder of let’s go.Stack: “we believe that the Omani society for education will realize.Pile in owning the impact that we have made for learners of Arabic throughout the region and increase its impact in terms of content and quality of learning and the user base, especially in the public sector where the community have a significant impact through policy development and adoption.”

In commented Mr. Faisal Al Balushi, chairman of Oman Association for Education, said: “bow in the assembly of Oman to education we find in the vastness of The realize.Com and advanced technology own an excellent opportunity to look at the way we serve the community of Oman and the Arab world. We believe we are a market we realize.Stack combine two of the industry leaders in content and provide unprecedented value to learners of Arabs everywhere.”

One goal

Think the Omani society for Education, a non-profit association include a range of activities that cover all sectors of education in the Sultanate of Oman (education, page Pre-University, Higher Education, Vocational Training). It was founded in 1997 and officially recognized from the Ministry of social development in 2007 as an organization Amman non-governmental.

The aims of the association through focus on education techniques and content creation, to enable teachers and educational institutions in the Sultanate of Oman of innovation in teaching and learning. Creating an effective learning environment for learners. Provide the Omani society to provide education services to more than 10 thousand members in the assembly and the communities and educational institutions in the Sultanate of Oman through a variety of activities such as seminars, workshops, training institutes and seminars and conferences.

And assembly to digital transformation for effective education through supporting projects and initiatives related to technology education.

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