Omen X 2S first device to a dedicated computer for games featured two of the screens of the HP

Your Omen X 2S is a new version of laptops custom gaming today comes from the HP design funky featuring two screens, which goes on sale in June priced at $ 2100 approx.

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Applies PC Omen X 2S custom games from HP screen key characteristic size of 15 inches, and a secondary smaller 6 inch come to the top of the keyboard and feature accurately display 1080P and supports the user in conversations with friends on WeChat, or WhatsApp, as it can support the user in browsing in Spotify or follow video content from YouTube or Twitch, as the company can the secondary to work on the support of the trackpad without it.

Come the trackpad in the device Omen X 2S to the right of the design of the device, as an alternative to the traditional site to the bottom of the keyboard, also to the side of the nurses of the former police high school, can also support the cutting part of the image of the main screen and repeat it, it is possible that support players in strategy games, for example, or fighting games in cut the specific part of the maps and repeat it.

It features a PC Omen X 2S design Full Metal, where the HP that the first computers that were used in the manufacture of composite liquid metal with a thermal system, to endure heat dissipating efficiency 10 times more also supports a faster rate of frames by 28%.

Also confirm the HP on that your Omen X 2S features a ventilated refrigerator featuring fans, heat pipes also supports the air flow in two directions, to the performance of the best in the cooling device.

And HP device Omen X 2S around the ninth of Intel processors, the Core i9 of the H series with 6 of the nuclei or the choice of 8 from nuclei, it also comes early screen GeForce RTX 2080 of the Nvidia design Max-Q, and the memory up to 32 GB RAM at DDR4-3200, as projections indicate choices in storage capacity NVMe SSD possible the performance of fast.

Provides HP more of a choice in the resolution of the display in the screen, where the first prototype of the device Omen X 2S with the featured screen in 1080p HD at the rate of update frames its 144Hz refresh rate or 240Hz, while the second model 4K resolution at a rate of update frames 60Hz with support for HDR and the extension project of 400 nit, as it supports all models technology G-Sync, that device is available Omen X 2S for sale in the month of June at a price of $ 2100 approx.


I know of

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