On Amazon appears books from Satoshi Nakamoto. What’s the catch?

On Amazon there will be two different books, the author of which is Satoshi Nakamoto. According to Amazon, the release of both books — Wave and Ripple Design Book and The Official Bitcoin Coloring Book — scheduled for June 28. The profile of the author clearly indicates that he is really the one who created Bitcoin: “the Author Satoshi Nakamoto — the famous inventor of Bitcoin”.

It is interesting that the author is going to give all the royalties to support STEM and environmental education programs that help children from disadvantaged regions. However, the description in the store about Cryptoprotected and the myth of Satoshi Nakamoto was written, as it in a joking manner.

For example, the book Wave and Ripple Design Book covers information about the Japanese roots of the Creator of Bitcoin and Ripple (XRP).

Source: Amazon

A great selection of waves and ripple [ripple from English. — approx. editor], which is supervised by Satoshi Nakamoto. […] Designs Ujana often used by Japanese craftsmen in the early 1900-ies for decorating articles similar patterns.

As stated in the description of the second book — The Official Bitcoin Coloring Book — it is printed on “excellent white paper”. Think this is a very subtle joke that will be clear is that those who survived the boom of the ICO at the end of 2017. On the products page also you can see editorial reviews from the Creator of Etheorum Metallica Buttering, CEO of J. P. Morgain diamond James, and of course, the investor-billionaire Buffet Waerden.

Over the past ten years many Amateurs and well-known representatives of Cryptoprotected tried to expose themselves for the true Creator of Bitcoin. The biggest publicity was the case of Craig Wright, who is still trying to persuade the community to his involvement in the development of Bitcoin. But as real evidence, he is trying to collect indirect.

Just today, the government of Colombia has recognized Craig Wright, the Creator of Bitcoin, that is Satoshi Nakamoto, gave him a certificate. In our cryptodata of hontarov you will find lots of other useful information.

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