On Android how to block calls from unknown numbers

You’ve probably already noticed that the phenomenon of email spam in recent years almost disappeared. But since nature, as well as everything else, abhors a vacuum, to assume that it just disappeared, it would be imprudent. More likely that all those who used for spamming email, now invested in the telephone spam. Anyway, I have not a day goes by that someone didn’t call me and began to offer some nonsense like learning investing, credit card, or connect to the new cellular operator, which actually does not exist. Well, there are simple ways to get rid of it.

Sick of telephone spam? It can be eliminated

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As it turned out, those who would like to get rid of phone spam and unwanted calls, quite a lot. This can be understood by search queries in Google. If you type even a “How to block…” or “How to disable…”, not appending the rest of the phrase, you will see that at the top of search results, there will be requests for “how to block calls from unknown numbers“, “how to block calls from unknown numbers” and “how to block calls from unknown numbers“. Hence, the need arises plus-minus at all. Fortunately, I can help you to deal with it.

Blocking numbers on Android

  • Download the app Phone from Google – it is very convenient and intuitive, you will not regret;

On Android is very easy to block unknown calls

  • Give them privileges and assign it as the primary means of receiving and making calls;
  • Run the application, open the context menu (three vertical dots in the upper right corner) and select “Blocked”;
  • At the bottom of the screen go to the tab “blocking Rules” — “Rules call blocking”;

Block the categories of number, choose for yourself

  • Select the options you want – Block unknown numbers or block hidden numbers and activate them there.

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It is important to understand that the terms “unknown” and “hidden” rooms is a different thing. Unknown includes those that are not recorded in your address book, and to the second belong those whose subscribers use incognito mode, prohibiting the display of a phone number from calling subscribers. As a rule, in such cases, your smartphone screen will display “Number is undefined” or “withholding number”. It’s not a big tragedy, but many do not like that they call from a blocked number, and does not allow to determine in advance whether to answer the call or not.

The caller ID on Android

The main problem of the function of blocking unknown numbers is that you will not be able to call the one whose number isn’t in your contacts list. This complicates the relationship with the couriers, who are constantly calling from different numbers, taxi drivers, who often drive up there where they are caused, public authorities, etc. So if you order something, blocking is obviously not your way. But the caller ID is yours.

For work caller ID you want to replace voice dictation

  • Give him the necessary privileges;
  • Go to “Settings” — “Voice assistant” and assign Alice as an assistant by default.

Only after that you can enable caller ID

  • Run Yandex, open the list of available services and select “caller ID”.

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After this, the Yandex service will begin to identify all or nearly all unknown numbers from which you receive calls. As a rule, built caller works pretty effectively, and even determines the personal couriers – of course, provided that someone of the users has made them into the database. But since the service exists for a long time, for coverage of phone numbers you can be absolutely calm.

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