On Android released an analogue of one of the most difficult mobile games, and it is still more difficult to source

If you play mobile games long enough to remember Flappy Bird, which appeared on smartphones about five years ago or less, then you might remember how your friends, family, acquaintances and, perhaps, even you disappeared for hours in this truly calling addiction a ridiculously simple game. The people were really hell-bent to score at least a few more points to beat your friends and gain this amazing sense of victory and the desire to show off his new result in this crazy game.

In Flappy Royale on the map are 100 players

Now there was a game name Flappy Royale, and it is available for Android and iOS are still only in beta, but already is a real proof that hell exists on earth. If you ever sat and dreamed about that someone has created a version of Flappy Bird in the genre battle Royal, where all the ruthless insanity panagitsa on itself several times, then you’re in luck, because this game is available right now. And Yes, you can even become a beta tester Flappy Bird with your Android device and download it right now. But we, if anything, warned.

In General, the idea of Flappy Bird genre battle Royal is not something amazing. Games in this genre is extremely popular (think PUBG, Apex Legends, and Fortnite), and every day they seem more and more. If you want to try your hand at Flappy Royale, you should know what you’re getting into: the original battlefield to get 100 players to see who can hold out longer than the others. Sound like fun? Well because the positive attitude you need if you want to save your sanity.

The original Flappy Bird was known not only for its ability to cause addiction, but also the ability within minutes to heat up the fifth point players trying to score more points than their maximum result, and at the last second crashing into the obstacle. Imagine all that, but with 99 other players who are trying to do the same as you. It’s just complete chaos, which is able to bring to a nervous breakdown even that Shaolin monk.

Download game Flappy Royale right now

If you still don’t change your mind and want to try out Flappy Bird, you can follow the link in the tweet below to become a beta tester, and once you do, you will be able to access the second link, which allows you to download the game from Google Play. According to the developer of the game Flappy Royale is already so popular that its server due to the large influx of players once collapsed.

App: Flappy Royale
Developer: Em Lazer-Walker
Category: Action
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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