On Apple sued because of problems with the keyboard in the new MacBook

Sticky keys on the new MacBook and MacBook Pro no longer news, the network has different methods of correcting this problem. But some laptop owners are not satisfied, and they filed a class action lawsuit against Apple.

The lawsuit provides numerous user complaints on the “butterfly” keyboards began to be used in MacBook 2015 MacBook Pro in 2016. According to the complaint, “thousands” of laptops broken due to dust or debris in the keyboard. In fact, they have become useless, which Angers the owners of devices.

Also alleged that Apple “continues to inform users that the MacBook is faulty, including when consumers bring their faulty laptops in the Apple stores to request technical support”. Also the lawsuit says that despite the one-year warranty, Apple regularly refuses to perform its warranty obligations. Instead, the employees of the company suggest the MacBook owners to use self-help tool which Apple knows will not lead to a permanent result.

Affected MacBook owners require from Apple’s damages and court costs. This includes the replacement of defective parts and devices, as well as the cost of the laptops. Also note that on the website Change.org 17,000 people in just a week have signed a petition demanding that Apple has withdrawn all MacBook keyboards, with the type “butterfly”.

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