On Bitcointalk trying to remember all those who worked on Bitcoin from the beginning

Cryptoanalysis on the Bitcointalk forum began a new investigation. They want to find out who was actually behind the formation of Bitcoin, in order to properly pay tribute to these people. The project employs a team Aldona Aricoin designed for quick payments. In particular, enthusiasts interested in the early history of the home cryptocurrency until 2012.

Time to find out who created Bitcoin

In the discussion on Bitcointalk developers Aricoin trying to compile a list of little-known programmers that have made a significant contribution to Bitcoin.

Everyone has heard of Satoshi many well-known names Gavin Andresen, Jeff garzik’s, Peter Vella and other key figures of the community, but we are looking neglected by developers, who also have done a lot for Bitcoin. We are trying to compile a list of developers and community members who have made great contributions to Bitcoin, so we can integrate them into your upcoming project.

Search Bitcoin developers. Source: Bitcointalk

From Aricoin already has some names taken from GitHub. They want to find all those who first searched for bugs in the Bitcoin code, wrote about the vulnerabilities of a decentralized system and published the first releases of upgrades cryptocurrencies. “Blockchain-historians” have found out that the first post about Bitcoin on SourceForge — one of the largest sites for developers of open source software — someone has placed mats Henriksson.

In the discussion forum, someone mentioned the man who developed the Bitcoin symbol. According to the legend, November 1, 2010 user under the name bitboy has posted on Bitcointalk an improved version of the logo cryptocurrency with my humble review.

Hi guys, came to say Hello and share my work with you. I hope it will be useful to you.

Indeed, she was very helpful and immediately liked the community. Since this is the official symbol of Bitcoin.

The logo proposed by bitboy. Source: Wikipedia

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Some also remembered the contribution of ray Dillinger, who now occupies the post of head of research algorithms in nE12. Now what about his work he wrote himself Dillinger.

In November 2008, I conducted a code review and security audit of the source code of Bitcoin. The late Hal Finney looked through the code and conducted an audit of a scripting language, then we both studied. Satoshi Nakamoto, an anonymous architect and the author of the code, alternately answered questions and asked them.

Dorian Nakamoto. Source: CCN

The idea seems great — besides before it had not occurred to the enthusiasts. Mostly people are interested in the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, as it was originally anonymous. In this regard, in the community there are lots of theories about who really created Bitcoin. In particular, we were acquainted with a list of nine suspects, which got Nick Szabo, Hal Finney, and even government organizations. There also turned out to be Craig Wright, but as an exception for my perseverance. Recall, he had claims of his involvement in the creation of Bitcoin, although it does not provide any evidence. So no one believes him, which sounds logical. The entire list read in a separate article.

And you know the other famous personalities who have dedicated themselves to Bitcoin? Tell us about them in our cryptodata millionaires.


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