On Indiegogo appeared smartphone with e-ink screen, but buying it we certainly won’t

Remember caused at the time of the noise YotaPhone with two screens, one of which was made by technology “electronic ink”? YotaPhone have even been the heir, but was worth it at the start of the insanely expensive when it characteristics, and explain why the phone with the usual screen need a second e-ink, the manufacturer was not able. Last month, Yota Devices declared bankruptcy. If you like things and you could find a use for the e-ink screen smartphone, do not worry, because on the horizon there is another smartphone with a paper display, and his name Kingrow K1.

Mobile paper screen named Kingrow K1

The device, resembling a smartphone in 2010, was launched on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo a few days ago and at the time of this writing has earned nearly $ 60,000. Itself Kingrow K1 is a fairly typical budget smartphone, with the exception of the only e-ink screen. The smartphone runs on the capacity of 6763 MediaTek processor and running Android 8.1, has 2GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal memory and support for microSD and two SIM-cards. Price of the device at the site during the fundraiser is $ 299, but its final price, if it goes on sale, expected in August this year will be $ 349.

Is it worth buying Kingrow K1

I shall warn you that buying this smartphone is absolutely contraindicated. I was not able to find any public information about the manufacturer Kingrow Electronic Technology, and the financial goal of the campaign on Indiegogo is just $ 5,000, which is a very questionable fact. I’m certainly not an engineer in product, but something tells me that the development, manufacture and withdrawal of the smartphone market should be worth much more than a used Toyota Corolla 2004.

Even if the device will actually be a real product, it is, in my opinion, doomed to failure. And I think not only because Kingrow K1 can boast of a prehistoric design, mediocre technical specifications, and outdated Android 8.1, but also because you can use them normally is impossible: the interface is slow, the display is updated more slowly than the talking sloth from “Zeropolis” and read and protection of eye there is a whole ocean of various e-readers or e-readers, the screen on which more, and they hold the charge longer.

However, the output of Kingrow K1 might encourage other manufacturers to release phones with displays e-ink. Given the fact that the technology industry pays more attention to health, so the phone will probably be pretty easy to sell — but as long as the buyer doesn’t try to watch a video on YouTube, where the frame rate tends to absolute zero, but tears and regret nothing.

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