On the Indian beach, formed a poisonous foam. Where did it come from?

Recently, residents of the Indian city of Chennai crowds fled to the local beach called Marina. Adults and children watched the amazing natural phenomenon when the beach was covered with fluffy foam of white color. Despite the fact that the formed foam came pungent odor, the adults could not forbid children to play with her and do a selfie on her background. As it turned out, to approach these magnificent “clouds” were forbidden, because they consisted of waste local manufacturers of medicines. Now kids and some adults at risk to suffer from skin diseases, and local fishermen are suffering losses, because people believe caught in these parts and the fish poisoned. But how is it that waste came to the shore of the longest beach in India?

Poisonous foam on the Indian beach

The thing is that recently in the South Asian country were torrential rains. For them facilities for wastewater treatment was filled to the brim with chemicals and contaminated water has entered the basin of the river Adyar. From there, the whole mishmash of threat to the health of people and animals substances are transported into the Bay of Bengal, which washes the Indian beach. Hitting on the shore, the water contained in the chemicals began to form rich bubble, which surprised local residents.

What harm can cause toxic foam?

The most dangerous substances in the composition of the foam are considered to be the so-called phosphates. They are widely used in the manufacture of detergents to reduce water hardness. Also, these substances enter into the composition of some medications, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that the primary sources of contamination were manufacturers of medicines.

People are photographed on the background of toxic foam

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Phosphates are considered hazardous to human health substances, therefore, their allowable amount in the compositions of detergents are strictly limited. It is known that they will quickly destroy the protective layer of the human skin and can cause the development of skin diseases. In addition, through the pores of the skin phosphates can easily get into the blood to change the hemoglobin level and other vital elements in the human body.

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Besides being poisonous foam caused the injury, she suffered even fishermen. Due to heavy rains they were forbidden to come out into the open sea and catch fish on the beach is risky both for the fishermen and buyers of seafood. According to the newspaper ScienceAlert, some fishermen are unable to profit even clean the fish because people think it’s poisonous. One of the sellers said that because of this, his income dropped to zero.

Unusual natural phenomenon

Actually, it’s not the only unusual natural phenomenon in the world lately. In mid-November we have been told that residents of Finland are found in the Bothnian Bay the ice in the shape of soccer balls. Fortunately, unlike the foam on the shores of the Indian Chennai, is a natural phenomenon not caused people any harm.

Ice balls on the shores of Finland

Studying the natural ice of our planet glaciologists explained that perfectly round ice balls are formed under certain weather conditions with moderate air temperatures, wind force and the presence on the surface of water little grains of sand. Read more about this natural phenomenon can be found in our material.

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