On the International space station has a Bitcoin node

The Falcon 9 rocket successfully crossed the border of the stratosphere on the way to the International space station (ISS). Board the Falcon 9 delivered the astronauts 2600 pounds of payload, among which Bitcoin isthe nod from the company SpaceChain. Thus one node in the network of cryptocurrency is now in space orbiting the Earth.

Recall that Noda or node in fact can be considered as any computer connected to the Bitcoin network and uses the p2p Protocol to transfer information between nodes in the network about transactions and blocks. Of these nodes is the network blockchain. They contain copies of all transactions in the cryptocurrency network, and are located in different parts of the world. This ensures decentralization and reliability of cryptocurrencies. The more node the better.

How to send Bitcoin into space?

Mission SpaceChain — decentralized blockchain infrastructure even outside the atmosphere. Sent to startup a Bitcoin wallet could become the first network node cryptocurrency on the ISS outside of the restrictions of any country. In addition, it just will not reach hackers and other enemies.

Lamborghini on the moon. Source: Reddit

Chapter SpaceChain Zi Zhen said that the sending node in space was another step towards long-term goals of the company. As soon as the astronauts set up the nod, it will begin to test transactions using the data stream of the ISS.

We will remind, before SpaceChain launched into space two more Bitcoin nodes. They all was launched from the spaceport in China, but the third one was already sent from American shores. According to Zheng’s, expanding the network of Bitcoin is to the border of the Earth’s orbit has its challenges.

We sent all the company’s resources to achieve that goal. The team undertook a rather challenging task. Yet the results of testing a Bitcoin node in space. To install own software we had to make significant changes in the device itself.

The creation of the space of the purse is one thing. To ensure its compatibility with the ISS was something completely different. Protocol SpaceChain open source had to check NASA experts and to transform it to the unique architecture of the electronics of the station.

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The new wallet will work regardless of the devices with the previous runs, SpaceChain. All communication equipment pass through the channels of the ISS to Earth. This means that the connection to Bitcoin-Noda station will be slow processing a single transaction will take several hours.

All well conceived. We have several times witnessed major hacking attacks on the crypto currency exchange. Fraudsters steal customer funds in a matter of minutes. Using secure communication channels to the ISS, we can achieve the maximum level of protection new Bitcoin node.

Here is the node on the ISS. Source: Coindesk

Zheng believes that the use of space purse SpaceChain can attract large funds and custodial services that are willing to pay a high level of security. And in General it will clearly benefit the reputation of the cryptocurrency and its main component — the decentralization.

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