On the new Galaxy S10 will be possible to hide the front camera

Ever since smartphone makers began to make cutouts of various shapes in the screens of their devices, users of these devices were interested in the possibility of the cutout to hide. Personally, I never wanted to resort to this, but I make such a conclusion from the fact that all phone manufacturers with a cut in the screen to allow the user the neckline to hide.

Recently the company Samsung has introduced the world its new smartphone Galaxy S. the smartphones Only had three and they all got to the top of the screen, made with a laser, the cutout for the front camera. Those who have already managed to use the new products in person, found in the settings the option to enable the top of the screen display black strip, which allows you to hide the cutout in the screen.

Switch from full screen mode with a black stripe to verify is, oddly enough, in the section “full screen apps” submenu “Display”. The option itself is called “Hide front camera” and when you activate it, a black bar will cover a substantial portion of the smartphone screen. In comparison the photo below shows what the solution is myself, and the question may arise, why such a possibility is generally needed.

The thing is that in addition to the visual and aesthetic aspects, are still present and technical. As news from the South Koreans just came on the market, manufacturers have not had time to adapt their applications for new openings in the screen are now off-center and side. It is very likely that using any non-conformant app on the new Galaxy S10, the user to lose any useful information or the possibility to press the button in the upper right corner of the screen.

I am sure that among the users of new products from Samsung will be even those who on a regular basis will use the option to hide the cutout in the screen a black strip. Maybe in games it is not convenient, and can, when watching a video, and someone just eyesore.

And you’d hide the front camera behind the black steel strip or that maybe wouldn’t buy for Galaxy S10 because of the unusual cut-out in the screen?

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