On the surface of ancient asteroids could have formed volcanoes

Space Agency NASA intends to begin the study of the metallic asteroid Psyche, for this will be used by interplanetary station “Psyche”, whose launch is scheduled for October 2023. In preparation for the mission, planetary scientists from the University of California at Santa Cruz found that the ancient metal asteroids could have volcanic properties. The fact that in those days they had so thin a shell that the inside molten iron could explosively erupt.

Металлический астероид

It is known that metallic asteroids began to form in the earliest years of the formation of the Solar system. It is assumed that initially they were floating in space, blobs of molten iron, but eventually they began to cool and grow into a hard shell. In this case, molten iron was obviously trying to reach out and put pressure on the metal crust.

Астероид Психея

The Asteroid Psyche

Volcanic properties could have not all asteroids are made of metal. The fact that some of them were hardened from the middle, while others have started to firm up on the outside. It is the latter which ultimately proved capable of eruption of hot clots. Notably, if the asteroid was composed of pure iron, the hot liquid would just spread on the solid shell. If it is composed of gases and other compounds that eruption was accompanied by an explosion.

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