Once again – the Apple Watch save lives by

In the past, we had some stories about how to enable the feature Heart Rate Monitor Watch Apple’s smart TV to save some lives. After that, when I got previous been fourth on the feature diagram drawing of the heart electrocardiogram (ECG), the story changed for the better.

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Was this new feature is the new Hero, where they reveal the heartbeat is not natural that may indicate atrial fibrillation or other cardiac problems that lead to blood clots and stroke, in addition to the failure of the work of the heart.

According to recent reports, the fourth generation of Apple Watch smart saved the life of its user, which a person previously with heart problems, while his heart was beating normally with the use of drugs, before the monitor layout feature of the heart rate and pulse are irregular, so have been watching the results of the previous Doctor, which I agree with.

The doctor said that the former contributed to avoid the occurrence of cardiac arrest was may lead to the death of the patient, noting that it is optimistic for the future, and enabling people to discover health problems outside the doctor’s clinic is something exciting.

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It is worth noting that this is not the first time you save someone’s life by Apple Watch and its advantages of Health, where he highlighted a number of reports highlighted the ability of the device detects heart disease since its launch.

Sources: KIRO-TV – Apple Insider

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