Once again – the Apple Watch saved one of its users

Feature enabled to detect falling clock Apple, the emergency services in Germany help Womens 80-year-old, after she fell in her apartment.

The former revealed the fall of the woman who was wearing it, the call automatically the emergency service in Germany, as quoted the previous coordinates of the geographical location of which helped private actors to challenge the organization to send an ambulance and save her.

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Smart watch has also alerted the son of the woman, who was recording his phone number in the previous number of emergency also. And the good news in this case, is that women didn’t get a cut.

Apple Watch played an important role in saving a lot of its users. Where in October of last year, I found out the fall of man has suffered from back pain surprisingly, in addition to discovered the ongoing problem of heart potential.

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If you have a watch Apple TV, get difficult, always do the Nurses Health in addition to activating the emergency services and the introduction of numbers close to you.

Source: Munich’s fire department

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