One of every 10 Americans will have smart watches in the year 2019, according to a new

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG

According to the numbers of shipments, it seems that the popularity of wearable devices like smart watches continues to grow, companies such as Apple shipped more smart watches compared with last year. According to a new report from the foundation eMarketer specialized in market research, it is possible to wear one out of every 10 American device wearable in the year 2019.

Quotes Foundation eMarketer about the Cindy Liu as saying : ” continuous improvements at the level of design and functionality are the main motives to look smart watches. Specifically, it will support LTE networks and a key enabler, because it allows for users of smart watches to stay connected with the possibility of leaving their phones at home. “

Think Foundation eMarketer also that older Americans will constitute in fact the majority of those who follow the smart watches. Benefit features health that seem more attractive to the older audience. Come some devices such as the Apple Watch features like a heart rate monitor which can be a user’s heart rate is high or low, and fall detection, which can call emergency, as well as the feature of electrocardiogram.

Of course, it remains to be seen if these numbers are accurate or not, but it seems that the increase in the number of shipments indicate that the wearable devices gain more popularity in all over the world.



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