One of the architects of Microsoft China hinted maybe for coming phone the ” Surface Phone “


In the month of October last, the official first Windows 10 Mobile at Microsoft, Mr. Joe Belfiore that the company has suspended its plans when it comes to developing more features for Windows 10 Mobile, and when it comes to also develop more of the devices supported by this system. Accordingly, it is safe to say that Microsoft has abandoned the idea of launching the phone Surface Phone, a phone that was the focus of several leaks and rumors in the past.

However, it can be a Surface Phone is the site that is still under development, at least that’s what led us to one of the architects of Microsoft company in China, through comments made during a session of questions and answers were posted on Chinese site Zhihu, a meeting where it was stated the phone Surface Phone.

Mentioned this engineer phone Surface Phone when he responded to a user who complained of poor Integration for digital assistant Cortana with the Android platform. The comment made by the Engineer at Microsoft came as follows : ” Cortana is the intelligent assistant, which is available on all devices including computers, smart phones try to do too much such as WeChat Noda. For the digital assistant, the powers a good thing, looking forward to a perfect performance for Surface Phone “.

Note that some of those comments were undone later by the engineer keeps answering like he wasn’t sure of the existence of the phone Surface Phone. Of course, you may actually be unsure of the coming of a Surface Phone. Overall, we believe that we will have to wait to see if Microsoft will actually launch such a device or not.


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