One of the best weather apps Dark Sky gets dark mode

أحد أفضل تطبيقات الطقس Dark Sky يحصل على الوضع المظلم

With the increasing use of OLEDs significantly, including with phones with specs available, call for users to support developers consuming the dark of the on their app, not useful and specifically on eye health and the proportion of use of the battery, and it paid the top companies the likes of Google and Apple to raise the support for dark matter at the level of the system as a whole.

Where on the iOS version 13 platforms will Apple TV dark mode at the system level as a whole, but before the launch of this version, users take advantage of this situation individually, in other words through the application that supports the dark mode, and the latest applications that come with this situation is weather app Dark Sky on iOS and later on Android.

Here’s the update provides a choice of three modes, namely the “Light and Dark and Daylight”, as well as the presence of the activation status automatically, so that it runs automatically with the sunset, finally when you talk about the application of Dark Sky, it is one of the best weather apps on smartphones, and features a lot, which let her to be her own.

Download app Dark Sky on Android | iOS

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