One of the engineers Google is impossible because the company failed to in innovation

Left engineer Google “Steve answers” the company after 13 years of age, pointing to its failure in innovation as one of the reasons for his departure, say the answer that Google has become focused on the competition 100% used to copy other products rather than pursuing the new ideas of its own, and confirms the answer that the company is a great place to work, but it is no longer a “Muse” as it were. Engineer told Google who left the company on Wednesday published a blog post clarifying his thoughts on some of the shortcomings faced by the company Google, stating that the main reason for his departure is that he no longer can innovation, he added that the company is focused on maintaining what it has rather than make something new. Despite that, the yaeger that Google is one of the best global companies in terms of work environment, but it is no longer an inspiring place anymore, the reason is to focus on the rest of the companies instead of focusing on the customer.

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