One of the factories for the production of the iPhone was infected with a virus

It is not just virus WannaCry caused discomfort and even disrupt the big companies. It would seem that enough time has passed to develop a system of protection from malware, however WannaCry continues its activities. For example, recently came under attack one of the plants producing parts for Apple smartphones.

The contamination affected the company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), which produces chipsets for current and future iPhones. As we learned from recently published press release, contamination of equipment of the company occurred on August 3 and then had to stop production for several hours. During the investigation it became clear that in the short term to handle the infestation it will not work, as under the blow hit the company’s plants in the cities of Tainan, Hsinchu and Taichung. To rectify the situation gone for 3 days and only in the night of 6 to 7 August, the production was resumed.

Company representatives say that the infection WannaCry was not due to poor cyber security systems, and because operating errors during a software installation of a new production tool. As stated by CEO of TSMC C. C. Wei,

“We are in shock, as already established tens of thousands of instruments and a similar incident occurred for the first time. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Now we have eliminated the gap in the security system, so this won’t happen again.”

In addition, experts note that the failure will not affect the timing of orders for Apple, but as a result of downtime will significantly increase the cost TSMC and can affect the timing of deliveries of parts for other “less important” orders.

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