One of them is “Islamic Caliphate”.. the most serious 5 hacker groups in the world

As much as the internet offers benefits, as much as protects from dangerous, it can penetrate your privacy and spy on your data and your information without feeling they or face you face to face, and may cause attacks of piracy on the detriment of your work or destroy the rules of your data and Devices or your exposure to the operations of fleece for your money.

And hacking attacks cascading and dangerous to the existence of 5 sets piracy world, is the largest and most dangerous and most active on the internet, a community that invites you to “buckle” to it.

The group of the Islamic Caliphate

Belong to the hacking group “United will calife” United Cyber Caliphate, as the name suggests “people hacking Islamic Caliphate”, to the idea of all the currents and groups of Islamic fundamentalism, which claims to always support the ideology of Isis, but is still unknown by a coordinated and agreed by those groups.

And of that group the streets about “a group of Tunisian” Tunisian Group, which has claimed responsibility before for a cyber-attack on the organs of the National Health Service UK NHS, targeting the group of “pirate” Islamic state targets, American and British between Lebanon and.

Set the bear illusion

You know the hacking group “fancy beer” Fancy Bear a myriad of nicknames, which will Service Sofacy وAPT28, Bonn, storm Pawn Storm, it is widely believed that this group work at least with the consent of the Russian government, if not the instigation, financing and assistance, has announced that the group claimed responsibility for the attacks of piracy have affected NATO’s and the White House and the National democracy of the United States and elections to the French Parliament and German.

The group of Lazarus

You know the group of Lazarus and the Lazarus Group attack by the electronic company Sony Pictures Bank of Bangladesh Central in 2014 and 2016 respectively, as it believes the attack on the South Korean government between 2007 and 2013.

The Ad Hoc group of piracy Lazarus in the attacks of the financial, commercial, and connects a lot of people among the group of Lazarus and the North Korean regime, although there is no conclusive evidence on that.

Group treatment

Manufacturing companies of cyber security “group of the equation” the Equation Group to the group the serious most threat, it is believed that the group, which is characterized by the complexity of the encryption attacks, belonging to the National Security Agency American NSA, they are responsible for a lot of cyber attacks in the Middle East, including the worm Stuxnet Stuxnet Worm, which the destabilization of the Iranian nuclear centrifuges.

Set shadow brokers

Is the hacking group “shadow brokers” Shadow Brokers is the latest appearance on the coast between the hacking groups, the group that has claimed responsibility for leaking hacking tools from the US National Security Agency NSA in 2016.

Little information is available about the identity of the group or their motivations, but there is speculation that the main purpose of her leak is to send a message to the United States to reveal the capabilities of the group, as a reaction to the prior, if you think America’s response to the attacks of the Group on the Democratic National Committee in 2015 and 2016.

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