One Satoshi is now worth more than three Fiat currencies. And this is only the beginning

1 BTC the price has long been spared all currencies in the world, but now passed another milestone. At the moment Satoshi is the smallest unit, or 0.00000001 BTC is worth more than some national currencies. As noted by one cryptocurrency enthusiast on Reddit, 1 Satoshi now bypasses at least 3 members piatogo the world.

Iranian Rial

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The Iranian national currency in something like sidoni. If want to feel rich, then this is a great country where you can literally waste your money. At the moment 1 dollar is equivalent to 42 thousand riyals. Under the pressure of U.S. sanctions in Iran even came up with another very questionable and centralized shidoin called “scriptoria”.

Vietnamese Dong

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Vietnam is also fun. For one dollar you can get 23300 dongs. Coins have long been extinct in this Southeast Asian country, and they are known to be indirectly talking about the stability of the currency. Alas, here they can be seen only in museums. People used to use paper bills with lots of zeros. The smallest denomination 100 VND, the largest — 500 thousand.

As the Iranian currency, the Dong has been devalued many times over the past few years. However, the country was kind of a success to attract foreign investment, and the economy shows signs of development.

As for Bitcoin, the State Bank has banned the use of it as a means of payment, but talking about a complete ban.

Indonesian rupiah

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Another country with unstable economy and high inflation. The Indonesian rupiah was devalued repeatedly throughout its history. In 2018, the currency fell to its lowest level against the U.S. dollar over the past 20 years.

At the moment the exchange rate against the dollar is 14.4 thousand rupees. The coins are still in Vogue, but it’s more a matter of habit. Here the largest denomination banknotes of up to 100 thousand rupees. For example, a room at the hotel in Bali will cost you $ 40 or 580 thousand rupees.

While in Indonesia officially allowed to trade bitcoins as a commodity, but cannot use BTC for domestic payments.

How to think, what national currency would become the next victims of the dominance of Bitcoin? Share your thoughts in our cryptodata.

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