One UI – a new proprietary shell Samsung

Samsung on yesterday’s conference for developers also presented a new user interface for smartphones, which was named One UI.

The new shell will replace the Samsung Experience, which the company believes is outdated. In One UI, the developers completely reworked the interface, making it more minimalistic and user friendly.

One of the main innovations is the conventional separation of applications into visible and interactive part. The upper part of the application is given to display information, the bottom – directly for different actions. This can be seen, for example, in the Messages app: when you tap on a message in the bottom of the screen, its preview is displayed at the top. This is to ensure that users do not have to drag your finger to different buttons around the screen – now they are all in the same area.

All menus and interface elements have been redrawn, you can see that the blocks got more rounded corners. Added support for night mode – the screen will automatically adjust to time of day. Also, the shell can adapt the color of the smartphone itself – for example, if it is red, then some elements will match it.

The beta version of One UI (as well as Android 9.0 Pie) will be able to try out owners Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy Note 9 this year. To join, you must download the app Samsung Members and choose One UI Beta Program Registration. Official release of the new shell will be in 2019, probably along with the Galaxy S10. Update the Android Pie will appear for these models in January.

Source: Engadget

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