One UI on the Samsung Android Pie received a long-awaited feature. What are we talking about?

In early November, Samsung held a developers conference. Her employees showed shell One UI that works on Android 9 Pie. Differences in the updated version so much that the user even decided to use new branding. Journalists continue to find innovations in update. One of them was the prohibition to change the appearance of the desktop.

To do this, users have already told about the features of the Samsung One UI. The most notable of them was a dark theme that paints in black almost all the default apps. The latter includes calendar, menu, settings, gallery, notes, messenger, alarm clock, calculator, and other programs. Keyboard here is also dark. To see the new design will turn out in this article.

In One UI was a place for one more improvement. It’s small, but eliminates the masses of inconvenience. We are talking about the possibility to block any changes on the desktop.

After activating the function the owners of smartphones Samsung will not be able to move app icons or widgets on the home screen. This will save them from accidental changes. The feature is called “Lock the location of the main screen” and is located in the display settings. After activation, users will not be able to perform any actions with icons on the desktop.

As allow representatives from Sammobile, the update can activate the server after the release of the stable version of the Android Pie. Access issues for users of the beta should arise.

A similar feature is in almost every way from third party developers, but the developers Samsung thought about it just now. Anyway, users will clearly welcome the innovation.

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