OneNote gets on additions and improvements related to images

Received OneNote from Microsoft today new update supports both Android and iOS, where the abundance of this update new features related to images. Through which you will find it easy to improve the notes with the images, where in general, gained OneNote on iOS the ability to set an image as the background.

تطبيق OneNote يحصل على إضافات وتحسينات متعلقة بالصورOneNote gets on additions and improvements related to images

The app version of the Android platform, it supports add pictures to the sticky notes “Sticky Notes”.

Where will help this new addition to the Android version of the app in sync enhanced feedback across devices, and can sync sticky notes with your computer that is running Windows 10.

In addition, there are a range of fixes and improvements to app performance in general.

As for iOS feature, the ability to set an image as a background will allow users to easily official comment on the photo in the notes.

In addition, the acquired OneNote on iOS the ability to check the sync status page, where clicking on the button sync status page you will be able to know the last time was in sync the current page .

You get more information when you give the problem of temporary auto sync in the app.

Finally updated the OneNote is currently available for all users of Android and iOS, and to download it:

On the Android operating system go here.

Either select it on the operating system iOS from here.

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