OnePlus 5 and 5T has received an important update

OnePlus and OnePlus 5 5T officially received the support of a modular framework Project Treble, which will allow the manufacturer to significantly reduce the time for adaptation of new versions of Android. It was added in the latest update OxygenOS, the distribution of which began yesterday evening.

Update OxygenOS total weight of 1.6 GB, in addition to supporting Project Treble, includes the August security patch that resolves a series of faults and flaws that were made by Google in the previous builds of the OS and makes the system input pins.

Project Treble — what is it

Modular based Project Treble debuted last year with the release of Android Oreo. It allows to separate low level from high level. In this way, developers can rewrite code that depends on the supplier, having been engaged by the update.

It is noteworthy that most devices that support Project Treble belong to Chinese manufacturers. As shown, many A-brands for some unknown reason, chose to ignore the advantages of modular framework, determined to continue speaking metaphorically, to pound water in a mortar.

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