OnePlus 5 — best budget smartphone of 2019?

The device was introduced in summer 2017. Smartphone on the market for almost 2 years, so its relevance is causing many issues, but not so simple. OnePlus 5 can be purchased in used condition for 15 thousand rubles on avito. Aliexpress offers restored the device for 20 thousand, but this option is on the background of Poco F1 does not look so attractive. What do we offer the market for 15 thousand?

You can buy new cheap smartphones from Chinese manufacturers. For example, not so long ago was presented Redmi Note 7. In version with 6 GB of RAM on Aliexpress phone is 15-17 thousand rubles. If you take 5 OnePlus, the phone has version on 6/64 and 8/128 GB. Just a couple of minutes on Craigslist I managed to find a version with 6 GB for 15 thousand rubles in excellent condition.

In Redmi Note 7 battery 4000 mAh, 48 MP camera and Snapdragon processor 660. However, in 5 OnePlus flagship AMOLED display, and the battery, though at 3300 mAh, but with the 5.5 inch screen will be sufficient. In addition, there is used fast charging at 20W (Note 7 it is also present, but only 18W, you will need to buy extra charger). In OnePlus 5 more productive Snapdragon 835, in games the device will be 50% more productive Note 7.

In OnePlus 5 faster memory UFS 2.1, whereas in Note 7 certainly used slow eMMC. In addition, in Note 7, the camera well and 48-MP, but the quality is definitely inferior to the OnePlus camera. For example, OnePlus 5 supports recording in 4K at 30 frames, this Redmi not exactly know how. Stunning video below shows the camera quality of the OnePlus 5:


Without a doubt you can call OnePlus 5 is currently the best budget solution on the market. Yes, the phone you will buy only second-hand, but you can find options in excellent condition at a very attractive price. Of course, the choice is yours, but as usual, the old flagships are almost always better than budgetar, 5 and OnePlus as a good example.

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