OnePlus 6 luxury fabric will be your 11,835 real!

If you are a fan of OnePlus 6 but would like to get the design more luxurious, this is the phone you desired, where the relationship Hadoro, the French luxury re-design the appearance of the phone’s exterior completely, to be rid of the back metal traditional and back cover consists of carbon fiber and aluminum offers a wavy design with the logo of OnePlus shining in the middle.


Is making back to the new phone manually completely, so that all the wavy design is unique, and while the cost of the phone the original $ 600, almost the equivalent of 2,250 SAR will be the price of these women to 3,156 dollars, the equivalent of 11,835 real.


You Hadoro that the mixture of carbon material used in the phone is newly developed, where they consist of 36 layers of carbon fiber interlaced with layers of aluminum used in planes, where the naming of this article is “carbon aero Damascus”.


This has been making the logo of OnePlus located in the middle of the back of sapphire glass, anti-scratch, as it adds immediately run to the phone, adding to the hole’s name Hadoro in the back of the phone, which can be changed to write anything you want, while not adding any adjustments from the front.

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