OnePlus 6 received support seamless updates

OnePlus 6 was the first device Chinese manufacturer with the support of the so-called “seamless” update. This feature allows the smartphone to download and install updates of the operating system in the background without requiring concomitant extract the files, reboots.

Google introduced a feature a seamless update in 2016 simultaneously with the release of smartphones Pixel of the first generation. Since many manufacturers undertook the adaptation of this innovation for branded devices, in an effort to provide its customers maximum comfort.

Despite the fact, however, that the component installation of the update occurs in the background without affecting the performance of the smartphone, all the changes that it brings, can only come into effect after a reboot. In other words, the update will be installed, but not restarting the device to use the new functions would be impossible.

Presentation OnePlus 6 took place on may 16. The smartphone came out exactly the way it showed dozens of leaks and insider thefts. The only special feature that was not implemented was the function of wireless charging. The manufacturer has refused from it, not feeling it necessary.

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