OnePlus 6 tested by fire and knife. How was the flagman?

Yesterday, the Chinese OnePlus has introduced a new flagship. “Six” has got frameless 6,28-inch display with cut-out, 8 GB of RAM, Snapdragon 845 and the battery 3300 mAh. Still have dual camera 16 and 20 megapixel. The strength of the smartphone tested feed author jerryrigeverything once.

Zach felt the device according to the traditional scheme — started from the screen. Protective glass Gorilla glass 5 scratched on the sixth level, which coincides with the results of most flagships. The side faces and the metal buttons, so in case of damage to their color will be different from the General tone of the body.

Between the glass and the metal have a plastic interlayer. The heel is made of glass — scratch will not be easy.

Display stand about twenty seconds under the effects of the fire, before the pixels died. Finally, the case did not succumb to attempts to break the body in half. OnePlus 6 successfully passed the test.

The new flagship of the company discussed in the telegram channel AndroidInsider.

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