OnePlus 6T appears in the colors of a variable, such as Huawei

As we approached the date of disclosure of the OnePlus 6T, the company has invited one of the owners of channels on YouTube to its headquarters in the city of Shenzhen, China to deliver an exclusive look at the flagship phone.

,Though, not to allow the export of the phone itself, however the Acer I can get a few shots of a number of models OnePlus 6 currently available, where the company chose several different colors of conditions, including variables such as Huawei phones perfectly, the colors blue and purple overlapping with the yellow and black.

In spite of the availability of the company for the OnePlus 6 in high-gloss black black just dark, but it also offers other colors such as red, inflamed, white and Hariri in some markets.

Given how popular the colors of Huawei phones P20 Pro and other variables, projections indicate the likelihood of the advent of the OnePlus 6T with a back with changeable colors also, to allow extensively more.

This will be announced OnePlus 6T law on October 29, to be put on the market later on November 6 in glossy black brown, plus the purple color is variable according to the rumors.

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