OnePlus 7 appears in the video, imagine

One of the flagship phones associated strongly during the first half of each year is the issuance of the new OnePlus, since we are on after about 3 months of the launch of the OnePlus 7, here’s the design of the Imagine of the famous Concept Creator on YouTube.

The video shows the returns OnePlus 7 port headset 3.5 mm, which was present in the OnePlus 6 but abandoned by 6T, we also find the USB-C port and an external speaker to the frame bottom, back up camera three-column and bottom LED flash.

The reins of the development in red with the button on the right hand side and control buttons as the left side next to the outlet slice direction.

Although there are leaks about the coming of the OnePlus 7 best light the camera front, the design of disposal showed the coming of the phone punctured the screen in the middle. As we note the small size of the bottom edges.

Recall that phones OnePlus come designed a series OBO R, despite rumors of cancellation R19, the OBO F11 perpetrator launched soon with front and back cameras pop up, so keep the odds of the adoption of the design of the OnePlus 7 on the perforated screen or front camera pop up like Vivo APEX or latch the automatic like Find X.

تسريب مبكر لتصميم ون بلس 7

Leaked early to the design of the OnePlus 7

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