OnePlus 7 Pro is a newer phone that is subject to testing rigidity, the sensor footprint is not affected by scratches

OnePlus 7 Pro

Been officially unveiled about the phone OnePlus 7 Pro on Tuesday along with the phone OnePlus 7, has already begun a video that talks about this phone is hard its way to YouTube, including a video showing us the phone OnePlus 7 Pro is subject to a range of tests of the cross was published by channel JerryRigEverything on YouTube.

When it comes to scratches, it turns out that the screen of the phone OnePlus 7 Pro resistant to scratches to extremely previous level of the scale Mohs similar to most smart phones available in the market today. The worrying thing here is that the sensor fingerprint built-in screen and need to clearly see your finger through the glass. The good news is that the sensor of the fingerprint that resists scratches and works just fine even if the glass front is scratched.

As for the backend, they come decorated with crystals, while sharing light scratches, we do not believe that we can say the same thing with some of the elements known to scratch glass like granite counters. And when it comes test burning the screen, it turns out that the screen of the phone OnePlus 7 Pro resistance strongly of fire, they stood the lighter up to 50 seconds. And, as always, has been the termination of the video test of the curve, but we can’t tell you the outcome of this test to not ruin the finish, so watch the video below to see the details.

But before you do that, we would like to point out that the company OnePlus has collaborated with many of the common problems in the camera front-end the pop-up, the Chinese company, for example, the design of this camera to achieve up to 300 grand in the process of emanating, as it has been designed to automatically when you drop the phone so as not to damage. Generally, you will discover more things about the suitability of the phone for OnePlus 7 Pro when you watch the video below :

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