OnePlus 7T and another failure of Samsung Galaxy Fold: week

This week has been a sufficient number of interesting events in order to discuss them. In this issue of our weekly news digest we will discuss the next problem updated Samsung Galaxy Fold, talk about the new product from OnePlus, as well as about the features of the Google Pixel 4 in Russia and working Huawei over their own services.

Front OnePlus 7T indistinguishable from OnePlus 7 and a dozen Chinese smartphones

The contents

Google will block the key function of Pixel 4 in Russia

Users of Apple devices from Russia is no stranger to bans. They function ECG ban, the technology of Ultra Wideband block. In short, the deprivation for them have become commonplace, and they treat them more philosophically. However, the policy of restriction was close not only Apple, but also Google, which first stopped in Russia carry their smartphones in principle, and then decided to start to block key functions of the apparatus.

Technology Motion Sense, which will allow owners of Google Pixel 4 to control the interface of their smartphones, outlining gestures in the air, will only work in 38 countries. Despite the fact that this figure exceeds the total number of markets where Google sells its smartphones in this list. For this reason the Russian users that decide to buy Google Pixel 4 somewhere abroad, and then bring him home, should know that the use of contactless control they will not succeed.

To control the phone without hands? Not quite

Google does not disclose the reasons why the Motion Sense will not work in Russia, however, to believe that the reason for the imposition of such restrictions was the tyranny of someone from the management company, probably not worth it. It is possible that for activation of the technology by Google, you must obtain a permit from the Supervisory authorities, as required by Apple for starting measurement of the ECG, and the inclusion of co-processor U1. But if in the case of Apple, there is still hope, in the case of Google — almost certainly on the activation of Motion Sense should not count.

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Most likely, the Motion Sense doesn’t work in Russia either this year or the next, because it is pointless. Since Russia is not included in the number of countries where Google directly or through its partners, sells branded equipment, so the company does not have reason to engage in unnecessary paperwork with the registration technology in the competent authorities. Therefore, we can assume that Motion Sense and others require registration functions earn us only after Google officially begin the Russian sales of its smartphones.

Those who are going to bring Google Pixel 4 from abroad, we will recommend not to get upset. For me it is already clear that Motion Sense did not take root as an alternative to touch controls. In the end, waving his hands over the smartphone banal uncomfortable, not to mention the fact that this method of control requires much more effort than if you just carry your finger on the screen. As a result, even 10-15 minutes, the game will take as much power as a full-fledged workout in the gym.

Updated Galaxy Fold also fail on the second day

Low reliability of foldable smartphones was the main reason why Samsung had to withdraw the original version of the Galaxy Fold before the start of sales. Still, after test samples sent to journalists and bloggers, failed already on the second day of use. To correct the problem, engineers took nearly six months to develop the model and addressing its structural weaknesses. But even that, apparently, was not enough to the machine to work properly.

TechCrunch journalist Brian Cunning complained that the screen of his Galaxy Fold, there was a spot with dead pixels. Judging by the photos, it stood out at the bending place of the display, although he Sly says that didn’t drop the smartphone did not hit him, but between moving parts never got any foreign objects. However, now all the images that appear on the screen, spoils the same BLOB appeared there out of nowhere.

How easy it is to mess up the display Galaxy Fold

Despite the fact that Tricky didn’t really caused the damage intentionally smartphone, he admits that the appearance of spots with dead pixels could occur because of worked out their methods of folding the screen. According to him, to put a smartphone in half, he pushed the middle of the screen with your finger, and when the mechanism worked, just closed design. Given that Samsung is strictly prohibited to press the screen with force, it is possible that the reason for failure was they, and therefore the manufacturer’s fault here.

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At the same time, oddly enough, a few strong taps can display the screen of the Galaxy Fold down. In the end, Cunning carried with the machine a total of 27 hours and so during this time he could close his 50, well, on the strength of 100 times. In terms of everyday use for which intended and supposedly folding smartphone Samsung, a number of strong taps can’t be considered statistical error, and therefore should not be considered as the main cause of failure.

Galaxy Fold continue to break down

Samsung’s official position on this issue, as one would expect, is that the Galaxy Fold is a unique smartphone that requires careful treatment. This is what prevents users of the relevant booklet which comes with each unit. Oh, and in case of any problems the buyers Galaxy Fold has a right to contact support or replace the display at a reduced price, but only once.

Difficult to be surprised by this. In the end, protected with plastic film display guaranteed to be less reliable than glass, and therefore the occurrence of such situations in the foreseeable future will become a rule rather than an exception. Even if users will blow off dust particles from their machines, take a few months and the screen of the Galaxy Fold will probably be speckled with dead pixels or scratches that will remain due to accidental contact of the nail with a protective surface.

OnePlus introduced the OnePlus 7T

Starting with a $ 300 flagship killer OnePlus One, just seven years of its existence, OnePlus has grown from an unknown startup in a quite prominent manufacturer of the first echelon with a fair by the standards of small vendors with market share. This was possible because the company quickly realized that consumers need to keep under the impression, and, releasing one smartphone a year, will not succeed. So for that year, OnePlus is releasing a new device every six months. Was no exception and OnePlus 7T.

If you delete the identification markings, the back of the OnePlus 7T can be taken for Huawei Mate 30. Well, very much like a sloping back with a huge round knob of the camera, in which engineers OnePlus fit three module 48, 16 and 12 MP with support for optical zoom. Don’t know why that is, but I can’t shake the feeling that all the Chinese in this season together nostalgic about the good old Nokia, which in the mid-noughties designed camera their smartphones in a similar way.

7T OnePlus — OnePlus as 7, only better

Can’t say that finding designers OnePlus quite terrible, but a special beauty in this hard to find. At least for my taste the performance of the camera in the OnePlus 7 looked much more elegant due to its minimalism, whereas OnePlus 7T attracted to my heel too much attention. But not its uniqueness, and the gloomy blackness, which even evokes associations with the look of a giant spider from the movies about Harry Potter, soulful look you right in the soul.

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Front OnePlus 7T identical to the original “seven”, which was released less than six months ago. The manufacturer did not get rid of teardrop-shaped recesses in a 6.5-inch display, apparently considering it to be the solution most advantageous.

Front OnePlus 7T indistinguishable from OnePlus 7 and a dozen Chinese smartphones

Iron is more or less expected. Given that OnePlus 7T is a more advanced version of the OnePlus, it was logical to expect that the novelty will be equipped with Snapdragon 855+, which are supposed to be more powerful than a Snapdragon 855. However, whether the promised increase in speed is noticeable outside benchmarks, nobody knows. Usually no one to care not. Importantly, synthetic showed an increase, and practice tests rarely people are interested.

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Battery OnePlus 7T stars in the sky is not enough, after all, the 3800 mAh is not a record. Therefore, if the machine will last at least a whole day with average loads will be too great. However, the manufacturer carefully prepares us for the fact that all the same will not reach, increasing the charging speed of new items by 23% compared to the OnePlus 7 Pro. Not bad, but as for me, it is better to smartphone longer discharged faster than charged. Isn’t it?

In the sale of OnePlus 7T received in India. There the price for the basic version with 8/128 GB in terms of American currency will be 535 dollars, and for version 8/256 GB is approximately 564. Quite a decent price considering the characteristics of the device. Anyway, for the money the new much more attractive than the Huawei Mate 30, which evaluated more than 800 dollars with comparable hardware and features.

Huawei does not want to compete with Google

26 September in Moscow hosted mobile conference MBLT 2019, in which edition was able to talk with the Vice President of division services of HUAWEI in Europe — Jaime Gonzalo. Talked not only about new services HUAWEI, but also HarmonyOS, and asked about plans in case of deteriorating relations with Google.

Addressing the participants of the conference, Dr. Gonzalo spoke about the vast opportunities that are open to mobile app developers an open ecosystem HUAWEI Mobile Services. Also in his speech he presented the new intelligent assistant, which will be available with the deployment of 10 interface EMUI — HUAWEI Assistant.

The HUAWEI has several services and applications — AppGallery HUAWEI, HUAWEI Browser HUAWEI Mobile Cloud and even HUAWEI Assistant. Can we say that the way HUAWEI is preparing for the complete replacement of Google services on their smartphones?

Our main (historic) market is China, which never had Google services to the smartphones of HUAWEI. Initially, we developed a comprehensive ecosystem to the user in no way needed. In other countries Google services are really pre-installed on smartphones, and to provide choice, we decided to create an alternative, but a Supplement to these applications. So, for example, in Russia, consumers are free to use the two ecosystems — Google and HUAWEI.

In the future, in the case of the ban on cooperation with Google, its services will not be pre-installed on the smartphones of HUAWEI. And users will have access to the AppGallery and other services as alternatives.

Jaime Gonzalo

In case of refusal from Android and the transition to HarmonyOS services Huawei will work better and faster at the expense of own operating system?

Now our plan is no production of smartphones, which would not be compatible with Android. If this happens, first HarmonyOS will appear on the TV (as has happened), then in wearable electronics and then in smartphones.

Now you can compare HarmonyOS TVs with the same Android TV. Our operating system proved to be not only fast and efficient, but also safer. Now attackers can gain access to Android TV one line of code; HarmonyOS better protected through multiple levels of authorization. Of course, you can hack anything, but in our case it will be much harder.

Assistant Huawei is very similar to that from Google

Developers will have to create apps for HarmonyOS or simply upload to the app store the same version as for Google Play?

What good HarmonyOS is a compiler-Compiler, Ark. It allows you to adapt the application to work on devices running HarmonyOS. Ark Compiler automatically converts the code of the application that at the end of adaptation begins to run on the new OS as if it was originally written under it. As a result, developers will have to rewrite their software again.

Now all the Huawei smartphones is compatible with Android, so developers can upload their applications without further manipulation. In the case of running HarmonyOS, application builders will need to replace “core” with Google for Huawei for correct operation of the payment and other functions. We will provide developers with a SDK, such as, for example, implemented it applications Samsung. In any case, porting apps from Android to Harmony will not go more than 2 days.

That is, you create your own development environment?

Yes, we will encourage developers to write code once for Harmony, because to the compiler they are then able to use the same code for other platforms. The plans to make HarmonyOS project open source.

AppGallery app store Huawei

During the speech you spoke about the new ecosystem HUAWEI, which, as it anticipates the wishes of the user — for example, if he downloaded the app with racing and long holds in it, he offered themed Wallpaper or even tickets for the upcoming racing competition. Are not you afraid that there may be an opposite effect, and the user would be bored with this amount of content?

We won’t show content on only one topic — suffice it once to realise how much the user is interested in a particular topic. If he doesn’t like something, it is enough to swapnote and to other relevant content. The same applies to push notifications.

The nice thing about this system — if the user, for example, have opened a page in the app store with the game, a fighting game, it will be a “bell” that he’s interested.

Something like targeted advertising?

Not really. Targeted advertising aimed at the fact that you bought something even if you really don’t need it. System recommendations just tells me that you might like, based on the analysis of your recent activity. No one will bother you and show the same banners for two weeks — if the content is not relevant, once it can be ignored.

If the smartphone is not Google, there is only AppGallery. If there is, the user has the choice

It is no secret that developers are now more focused on profit, and get it with in-app purchases. In your store they are? Are there any significant differences from the Google Play?

AppGallery is fully compatible with in-app purchases, and developers who want to monetize their products in this way, they can implement it. Also the store offers several types of payment and cash back you can get back some money spent on the application of funds. We have a team of editors for a shop in each country, which allows you to keep your content relevant.

What in the AppGallery is a single subscription in the store — such as the Apple Arcade. Everything else is supported — in-app purchases, banners applications, subscribe to specific products (Yandex, Spotify, Netflix and others).

In Google Play too a lot of applications, and the number is clearly significantly superior quality. Obviously, the selection process of programs it’s pretty bad. How do you plan to deal with this in AppGallery?

Before I started working at HUAWEI, I worked in Google Play. The Google business is built on advertising and search, so the more apps in the store, the better, because more users see the ads. At HUAWEI, another approach is to offer only quality apps, so in the AppGallery is a serious team of moderators.

In the AppGallery application is tested on four levels, it is responsible for the four different teams. On the first level eliminated the clones, the second application viruses, on the third program with hidden malicious functions (for example, if the application requests access to the camera when it is not needed). At the final stage tested the performance of the application as it behaves on the device, do not fly, and so on.

Only after that the app gets to the store, and the local editorial team will decide whether to show it in the recommendations. For example, it will not show the programs which is connected with gambling, because we understand that you can pass your device to a child.

Mobile services Huawei

Lately, you notice that all the major smartphone manufacturers began to pay more attention to services. Apple has recently launched Arcade, which you mentioned, then it will be Apple TV+ and others. HUAWEI is also trying to launch more services. What do you think, does this mean that in the future a race between smartphone manufacturers is not for sales, but for users of the services?

Our strategy is to focus on my own tasks. HUAWEI have no problems with buyers or users of services. Maybe Apple’s not so good with the sales of smartphones (you’d have to ask them), so they did this emphasis on services.

We realized that the user likes to have a choice. And if you give him one service for video viewing, one for music and so on, it is unlikely to be satisfied. Therefore, despite the fact that we have HUAWEI Video, we offer the users of Netflix. Same with Google Play and AppGallery — you download apps where you want.

HUAWEI plans to develop even more innovative smartphones, and it is a priority. But Pro services don’t forget — this year we will show the Video HUAWEI, HUAWEI Music, and then a service for reading books. All of these services will be able to work on all devices, not just smartphones HUAWEI. Already, some Samsung users download games from the AppGallery, because they give different bonuses, which is not in the same Google Play.

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