OnePlus 8 Pro comes with the technology of Nokia OZO improve the performance of the microphone

Phone OnePlus 8 Pro is one of the leading handsets distinctive and eminent in the current time, despite the pricing that most of us are not luck! But the phone has seen great interest in all details and in all respects, and today we’ve learned that techniques sound OnePlus 8 Pro Audio 3D, Audio Zoom and also Audio Windscreen all work based on the techniques of Nokia OZO sound!

تقنية Nokia OZO

Techniques Nokia OZO Audio in phones OnePlus 8

According to what has been confirmed from Nokia and also the OnePlus phone the new flagship comes with the adoption of the entire techniques Audio Nokia OZO SES beloved Nokia, this technique works dedicated to improve the performance of the microphone pick up the sound, on the other hand, has explained the director of Licensing at Nokia that the company has expressed deep interest in cooperation with OnePlus to offer this technique.

Recall that the new technology will help the phones OnePlus 8 Pro that picks up sound from the mic is perfect for recording images, voice notes or even record music and Instant Save! As to techniques Nokia OZO known for its quality in this sector.

Recall that the phones Oppo Find X2 comes with support for this technique also, which I allude to be a contract between Nokia and the BBK and not just the OnePlus! The last is the giant company Royal for each of OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo were!

What do you think? Do you think that the cooperation between Nokia OnePlus -or BBK as a whole – productive, or may include them somehow in the future? We shared right now!

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