OnePlus announces version McLaren 6T latest phones

ون بلس تعلن عن نسخة McLaren 6T لأحدث هواتفها

Recently featured theme for smartphones by announcing a version of its phones leading with various designs in cooperation with global automobile companies, it seems that OnePlus will be their With company McLaren and rich from the definition, where it will launch the phone McLaren 6T.

Will the new phone advantages similar to the phone OnePlus 6T, which are the company last month, most likely with an increase in memory and storage capacity, but it will get a different design thanks to the partnership with McLaren.

Although this is the first time OnePlus cooperation with the car companies, but it is not the first time you launch copy a special identity, knowledge, where before the launch of version Star Wars وAvengers inspired designs from the film in collaboration with Disney.

Recall that the phone McLaren 6T will be launched on 11 December at the Technical Center to buy a British car.

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