OnePlus changed the date of the official announcement of the phone OnePlus 6T because Apple

OnePlus 6t

The company announced the OnePlus earlier this month she was going to dislodge the curtain officially on her phone next flagship OnePlus 6T on the 30th day of October in the capital economic of America New York. Yesterday, Apple announced it will be held a press conference which will detects the tablet, the iPad Pro the new on the same day.

And because of that, the company decided to OnePlus change the date of the meeting and the press conference that will reveal the phone OnePlus 6T through submission one day, and therefore it was decided to now the official unveiling of the phone OnePlus 6T day of October 29 instead of October 30. It should be noted that the CEO of OnePlus, Mr. Pete Lau went to the official forums of the company to explain this resolution, which we can summarize in the phrase ” we don’t want to steal Apple’s spotlight. “

This is reasonable already, but the Apple keep is Apple TV unlike OnePlus which still considers itself a startup. In the joint published by Mr. Pete Lau on the official forums it was explained that the first goal of the company is to make sure that he gets home the next person the time and attention it deserves.

Promised Mr. Pete Lau that he will refund tickets for those who will not be able to attend on the new date, in addition to cover any costs that may be borne by those who decided to the nursery such as pay to change the dates of flights or change bookings in the hotels. The team will OnePlus communion with all the tickets individually to arrange things.


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