OnePlus confirms its plans for the official announcement for phones OnePlus 7T on the 26th of September

Confirmed the company OnePlus today its plans to launch a series of phones OnePlus 7T, to be the first declaration in the Indian market in a conference to be held on the 26th of September.

Published many previous leaks about the series phones OnePlus 7T coming from the OnePlus, and today the company confirms that, officially, the launch date of goods during the month.

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The new details via the Page company OnePlus on Twitter, where she confirmed in a tweet published today on its plans to launch a series OnePlus 7T soon, to include safety phone OnePlus 7T main issue for OnePlus 7T Pro, is expected to be named the main version of 4G networks while supports version Pro 5G networks.

Also scheduled to be announced phones OnePlus 7T in the Indian market in the beginning in the conference to be held on the 26th of September, to hold a company conference, another on the 10th of October in London to launch phones in the global markets.


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