OnePlus confirms that the phone is OnePlus 7 not getting wireless charging technology

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition

At the present time, it has become common to see smart phones that support wireless charging. Unfortunately, the company decided to OnePlus not to adopt this feature in its smart phones over the years, it seems that it will continue this year also because the CEO of OnePlus, Mr. Pete Lau recently confirmed that the flagship phone the next company won’t be featuring wireless charging technology.

This according to an interview conducted by Mr. Pete Lau with CNet where he is quoted as saying : ” the technique of shipping your OnePlus is one of the best techniques of shipping. Wireless charging is far inferior “. At the present time, provide the company OnePlus really fast charging technology in its smart phones, which made her condone embed wireless charging technology in its smart phones because the latter do not enjoy the same possibilities as it is inferior technology to wired charging fast.

Wireless charging is still slower compared to Wired Charging. However, the positive side in the wireless charging is your ability to charge the phone without connecting or disconnecting the machine, which makes the job easier. However, while it appears that Pete Lau ignores the wireless charging technology currently, this does not mean that the company OnePlus will be responsible for wireless charging technology completely.

According to Pete Lau, has stated that the company OnePlus is already working on wireless charging technology which would be able to provide more energy. I don’t know Pete Lau when will be the wireless charging technology your company is ready, but in the meantime it seems that the phone OnePlus 7 won’t get this technical, so we will probably wait until 2020 to get this feature.


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