OnePlus confirms the OnePlus 7 will not support wireless charging

Confirmed by the CEO and spokesman in his comments recently, that the next version OnePlus 7 will support wireless charging technology when it is launched later this year, but the company is working on phone support with charging more efficient.

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Use the company OnePlus to launch the idea possible for OnePlus 7 in the summer of 2019, and in the statements of Pete Lau, CEO of the company recently revealed the peeps first phone which does not support wireless charging technology.

Projections indicate that OnePlus always try to support possible versions of its phones at the best key specifications that do not lead to the increase of the cost of new releases, this also comes phone OnePlus 7 without wireless charging technology that will surely contribute to the high cost of the phone.

The chief executive had emphasized that the technique of shipping from OnePlus in its smart phones are the best, as he added that wireless charging technology comes often perform slow on smart phones, unlike the technique of Warp Charge which offers the performance of high-speed charging the phone.

On the other hand, projections indicate that OnePlus will adopt wireless charging technology in one of the versions provided during the coming years, where the company started already in the development of wireless charging technology in the present time to assess performance more fast in charging phones, without the should lead to the increase of heat in the phone.

Recall that the company OnePlus made a presentation to the lead judge of the phones and 5G during the MWC, where the projections indicate that this version is the first model also for OnePlus 7, except that the company did not confirm these predictions formally.


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