OnePlus disgraced in front of their own fans

A General trend to rejection of mini Jack, no matter what they say, bad for consumers still wishing to use wired headphones, and for producers who are forced to awkwardly explain the need for such a decision. Against this background particularly strange that OnePlus, until recently, holding the Fort, for some reason, decided that her fans would react more favorably to the disappearance of the 3.5 mm Jack and even allowed himself to state in advance about it. And for good reason.

If you believe the results of a survey on the OnePlus, which OnePlus 6T is the most desirable for users, the majority of respondents clearly chose a 3.5 mm headphone Jack. Even support wireless charging, which the fans have asked OnePlus for the past few years, scored significantly less followers than the mini-Jack to reflect true preferences in the consumer environment.

Wireless headphones — not for everyone

Funny but this situation makes not even the public nature of the poll, and the confidence of the General Director of OnePlus that now is the best time to abandon the mini-Jack. In his opinion, for many consumers had on their own experience to feel the convenience of wireless headphones over their wired solution. Largely, he says, this contributed to output wireless Wireless Bullets that are almost half of all smartphone owners OnePlus.

How disgraced Xiaomi

OnePlus is not the only company that has discredited itself, and the professed principles in the eyes of the public. Some time ago, Xiaomi held a survey among owners of branded smartphones on the subject of their preferences in the program environment in the hope that they will choose MIUI. But as it turned out, even fans of the “Apple kitajski” you see much more prospects in pure Android, the functionality of which has not been altered in accordance with the views of Chinese developers about convenience.

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