OnePlus dispense with a separate hearing in the OnePlus 6T and headset Type C

وان بلس تستغني عن منفذ السماعة في OnePlus 6T وتطرح سماعة Type C

Announced the company’s co-founder in the company and I Plus well-known air its pilot, Carl Pei, the company’s work on the abolition of the entrance to the earphones 3.5 mm phone coming this year for OnePlus 6T on the way to the Apple TV preset in its phones, and the fact that most of its users have headphones wireless for use.

Said Carl Pei in an interview with the website TechRadar, that the company had taken its decision based on the study of the users of its phones, since 59% of users are using wireless headphones phones the company even before the launch of his company for its wireless. He explained that this will affect positively also on the phones of the company of the hand of the battery, because the cancellation of the organization will exploit the space to increase the size of the battery.

On the other hand, the company did not break down the system of wireless headsets in its phones, not even the industry shift “dongle” on the way to the Apple TV, it announced headset wired new working port USC Type C used in shipping, on top of that, the price is 19.99$, which will be available, which provides a great service not only to owners of phones OnePlus, but for all users of Android phones that don’t have headphone port.

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