OnePlus Google launches a game of riddles with prizes up to $ 30,000

The company announced the OnePlus on Monday for a new game to the Android system name of CRACKABLES, which comes in collaboration with Google, the advantage is it combines the mysteries of real and digital.

As explained by OnePlus in a press release that CRACKABLES, scheduled to be available tomorrow, Tuesday, will offer players several prizes, including the grand prize of $ 30,000 USD, but it seems that winning this match won’t be easy.

As for the game, the racers will compete among some of the to solve a series of riddles skillfully and quickly. You will enter contestants ‰ top three challenges first to the final round, which will get them the devices to control real and complete competition.

In the game, you can chat with the robot by default the name Crax that give a glimpse of the competitions water first.

If you are interested in, you can tomorrow Tuesday accessed through the link as of 3 PM EST Makkah.

Do you think in game experience CRACKABLES it? We shared your experience in the comments.

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